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"...Ms. Kennie has once again impressed me with her story-telling by delivering a well-written book populated with an outstanding cast of characters...." Deb D

She's witnessed a robbery, now she's a killer's target.

Tara Munroe thinks she's safe. Then a ruthless gang stalks her from Colorado to Mexico. Thankfully, US Marshal, Trent Nielsen isn't far behind and vows to bring her home...whatever it takes. Before long, Trent realizes this mission is tough for even the most seasoned lawman. And with no shortage of men gunning for them, he'll have to stay one step ahead if he has any chance of keeping Tara alive.

Ryshia Kennie

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"Historical readers will take pleasure in the unique setting of this story and romance readers will find the blossoming relationship between Eva Edwards and Tate Brown irresistible... all the elements I love in a good historical romance... a wonderful setting, good, strong characters and a romance to take your breath away."   Simply Romance Reviews

Mini-series - American Armor


...a world you never imagined!

Coming December 2019

The Tears We Never Cried

A mother's tragic diagnosis.

A daughter's life on hold

An ending and a new beginning...

Marshal on a Mission

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The icy chill of deja vu crept down her spine as if if had all happened only yesterday, and as if tragedy were about to happen again. Tara Munroe pushed the uneasy feeling away.

"It was a long time ago," she assured herself. But today, for some reason, it felt like yesterday that her father had been murdered. She knew that some things you never recovered from. Painful experience had taught her that. Some things left a mark no matter how long ago they had happened. She took a breath, trying to go back to enjoying the beautiful spring day. But something seemed to hang over her like a shadow.

"Forget it," she said to herself. She was being ridiculous, dreaming up trouble where there was none. Though it was the anniversary of that dreadful day. She took a deep breath. It wasn't an anniversary to remember. Instead she had to think of it was what it was, a beautiful day, midmorning, midspring.

It was already comfortably warm, touched with the lazy humidity left by last night's gentle rain. The sweet scent of petunias wafted from a planter on the city sidewalk. The flowers were early, grown in the local city greenhouse and just recently planted here. In the midst of downtown Pueblo, Colorado the natural beauty of the flowers stood out against the brick and stone. The historic buildings that populated the downtown provided a touch of Old World to the city's core. But it was the sweet earthy scent of the flowers that made her fingers itch to pick up a paintbrush and transfer the vibrant colours onto canvas or yardstick for greeting cards or...

But she had other things on her mind today, less artsy things - like getting some cash to pay her rent.

The last thought dropped as she was shoved and the arm of a man ramming into her shoulder and throwing her off balance. She had to catch herself from falling as she fought for balance, the clasp on her purse releasing. The hand-painted bag flew open, spilling some of its contents on the sidewalk.

"Hey!" she said as she bent down to pick up her things.

The man was already ahead of her. But he glanced back. His eyes briefly met hers, and in that moment, she noticed dark hair that was thick, short and wild, and the tawny color of his skin that accentuated a thick scar. The scar ran crookedly across the top half of his cheek. There was anger in his dark brown eyes and a wildness that made her heart race in fear.

A few feet away, he squatted down to pick up a rectangle of off-white paper with an elastic at one end. It looked like a medical mask. But that seemed a weird thing to carry around, she thought as she watched him shove it in his pocket and walk away without a giving her a second look.


His lack of manners had her fuming. She kept watching him. She wasn't sure why, except that something about him fell a bit off. She watched as he crossed the street. Then he turned toward a familiar building, the same place she was headed: Pueblo First National Bank.

"Great," she muttered. Sitting on her haunches, she picked up the remainder of her things from the sidewalk and put them into her purse.

A few minutes later, she opened the door to the bank and was met by a rush of air-conditioned chill that made her feel like winter had returned. She shivered and stopped. The silence was heavy, different from the usual buzz of business. And when she looked toward the tellers, she forgot to breathe.

The tellers seemed frozen in place as two men stood with handguns aimed at them. A third man was in her peripheral vision, but it was a movement to her left, a fourth man, that got her attention. She recognized that lanky build, the faded jaeans and the gray T-shirt. He turned, and their eyes met. Like the others, he wore a mask--the surgical mask she'd seen earlier, the one he'd dropped.


Wanted by the Marshal

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​"...I really enjoyed meeting both of these main characters. Kiera is a stong woman filled with determination. Travis is a dedicated US Marshal who thinks fast on his feet. The path to Kiera and Travis’ HEA is strewn with danger but these two won’t let that stand in their way. There’s lots of action and tense moments in this story so I am sure readers will enjoy this book."​

"Action packed from the beginning to the end..." Mary L