Can he keep the key witness from harm...

before it's too late?

After escaping a terrifying encounter with a serial killer, RN Kiera Connell lands in the protection of US Marshal Travis Johnson. In order to make sure she stays alive to testify, Travis has to thwart whatever danger comes her way. Normally, for a pro like Travis, that's not an issue. But focusing on the mission becomes his greatest challenge as Kiera's exposure threatens to unravel all his best laid plans.

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American Armor - Coming This Fall!

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She's witnessed a robbery, now she's a killer's target.

Tara Munroe thinks she's safe. Then a ruthless gang stalks her from Colorado to Mexico. Thankfully, US Marshal, Trent Nielsen isn't far behind and vows to bring her home...whatever it takes. Before long, Trent realizes this mission is tough for even the most seasoned lawman. And with no shortage of men gunning for them, he'll have to stay one step ahead if he has any chance of keeping Tara alive.

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Coming end of September 2019

...a world you never imagined!

Ryshia Kennie


...Award Winning Author