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For something a bit different:  Check out these stories including mine in the anthology: Racing the Train - stories about prairie people, cream and survival.  

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 I'm excited to say that, "The Tears We Never Cried" is available now!

Happy dances all around!!

Turning forty is a milestone for many - it's literally a life-changer for Cassie McDowell when she discovers that her mother needs her in ways she never anticipated. Dementia has her moving home to care for mother. But as bleak as that sounds, she soon discovers that there's laughter and memories, dancing and new friends, and support from unexpected places. Mother isn't going down silently - she leads the charge in ways to have fun. And, she's not the only one. In one of the toughest times of Cassie's life, she finds love and support  in the most unexpected of places.






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